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Introduction to Fencing Products

We have a vast range of Specialist Fencing Products suitable for all your fencing projects whether you are in the Trade or embarking on a DIY project. The two main options are timber or concrete. While concrete can be stronger than timber there are ways of combining both, a slotted concrete post is ideal with a timber panel, a gravel board is always recommended to elevate your panel from the ground, we prefer a concrete gravel board for longevity and if you are holding back soil but a timber option is available. If you are using timber posts we recommend attaching a concrete spur at the base, this gives you the best of both, the beauty of timber with the strength of concrete. Timber posts are ideal with close board, we can mortise the posts for you to your specifications, there is a pre- mortised concrete option too. Along with a wide range of fittings, treatments and aggregates we have everything you need for your project.

Timber Products

The majority of our timber is grown and manufactured in Great Britain. We believe that any timber coming in to contact with the ground should be pressure treated redwood and we don't offer white wood for this purpose. This type of redwood is also known as "green" timber. We have huge stocks of timber in a large selection of sizes, from 7" x 7" gate posts to panel battens and everything in between.

All our timber is pressure treated unless specifies otherwise. It is preserved with the highest quality preservative. The treatment is designed to enhance the product and extend the life of the timber, further treatment is recommended in time. Timber is a natural product and it will be subject to natural movement and weathering as it seasons. It is not uncommon for small splits to occur during the drying out process and for warping and movement to occur when timber dries too rapidly. These will normally go back when moisture levels return, this is nature at work and is not considered a fault.

Concrete Products

Our range of precast, reinforced concrete products include posts, spurs and gravel boards suitable for most applications. More durable than timber, concrete is a popular alternative. You may prefer the look of a timber post so we advise a concrete spur fixed to each post from new, this will save time and money in the future, when your timber post eventually needs replacing it's very easy to fix a new timber post to the existing spur. Likewise a concrete gravel board beneath a timber panel will help stop water ingress in to the panel from the ground and being at ground level, maybe in a flower bed it's hardly noticed. You can achieve the benefits of concrete while still enjoying the beauty of wood.

Tools and Fixings

We know to achieve a first class job you will also need the right tools and fixings. We stock everything from nuts and bolts, hinges and locks. Nails, screws and timber locks in a range of sizes. All our fittings are galvanised unless specified otherwise. We also have a wide range of tools from tape measures and handsaws to heavier tools like shovels and diggers.

Preservatives and Treatments

We recommend that all our TGV gates, sheds and prepared timber products be given further treatment. We choose to stock Barrettine products because they have an excellent reputation for quality and service. All products are specially formulated to offer high performance and value for money. With 140 years of award winning innovation and service you can rely on Barrettine for your next project.


We have a wide range of post fix, cement, sand and ballast products. The easiest and quickest option for setting your posts is post fix, we recommend approximately 2 bags of postfix per post hole depending on the size of post etc. The mix is a kiln dried, pre- blended, factory- produced quick setting concrete which hardens in approx. 10 minutes after water has been added, depending on the ambient conditions.